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Hey people, It finally happened I have my first "art"book. Which is a book full of my "Art" creations. 
I'm really happy about this piece, quality is really extraordinary, it takes great advantage of my high resolutions images. I can tell you it looks a lot better than on HD screen, it really show my works in totally different light. Edges are precisely cut and front cover is same high quality print as images inside. Real quality product.

Artbook was provided by SAAL Digital

ArtBook by Yersinia8820170811 113936 by Yersinia88

20170811 113948 by Yersinia8820170811 113739 by Yersinia88
Lukas Polyak
- My brother, he's a professional artist. His art's gonna blow your mind! 

Hivon /Sensei/
- This Canadian dude is anime/manga drawing genius. We are doing another collab soon :3

Neko <3
- My cute Neko♥ 
Traditional art commissions: 
    • Status: OPEN
    • Price: 1500 Points (Use commission button) or 15$ (PayPal) 
    • Please contact me if you'd like to request commission.

What do you get: 
- A high quality pencil drawing, professionally scanned and color corrected. (You get all the source files)
- Full right to use artwork even for commercial purposes. (I still reserve rights as an author.)
- I only draw anime/manga characters so don't expect me to draw anything outside of what I can do.
- Examples of my traditional work can be found here: Traditional Art by Yersinia

- Time to finished work varies from work to work expect anywhere form 3 days to 4 weeks. 
- You will get the work in digital form. 
- I don't mind sending you original work by snail-mail if you pay the shipping costs. 

What I will draw: 
- Characters from anime/manga 
- OC (Only in case of sufficient reference)
- 1 drawing 1 character 
- Headshot, half body, full body (Headshot most detailed - full body least detailed) you are free to choose. Same amount of work goes to all of them. 

I won't draw: 
- NSFW content 
- Explicit violence or gore.

Some examples of my Traditional drawings:
30 min Sketch - #009 [Under 30 Challenge] by Yersinia8830 min Sketch - #008 [Under 30 Challenge] by Yersinia8830 min Sketch - #006 [Under 30 Challenge] by Yersinia8815 min Sketch - #003 [Under 30 Challenge] by Yersinia88

I reserve right to decline a commission.

Digital commissions
    • Status: CLOSED

Only comment on this journal entry if you are interested in commissioning me, thank you.
We're here, it's time for me to try some traditional art myself. When I see all the stunning works of Frederica and Lukas, I feel inspired. So I decided to take my part in traditional art starting today! But I'm not gonna make it easy on myself, It's not an experiment, it's a commitment. 

I'm setting this rules for myself: 
- Work on each traditional piece 30 min or less
like seriusly when I do lineart or "quick sketch" on PC it takes 3-5 hours, efficiency has to be improved!
- Draw at least 3 pieces pear weak
Ideally one each day, but this seemed too sci-fi
- No editing in computer (Besides CC)
Other editing than CC (color correction) strictly forbidden.
- Upload each and every work. 
A lot of them are going to suck but I want everyone to see my progress in its rawest form, if there will be any of course

I think they are gonna suck hardcore at first, since I've never done any traditional art before. But I have feel in bones that it's gonna be interesting. So who is with me?! 
Buckle up buckaroos, we are starting today!! 
I'm writing my second article concerning critiques, since my last one received very positive feedback. This time we will look more in depth on how to write a good critique. Hopefully if you read my last article about How to properly ask for critique (Which can be found here: Critiques 101 - Do you know how to ask for it?) you have received some valuable critique and you may be wanting to give some value back by writing some critiques yourself. But how to you do it? I prepared some simple guidelines to help you out. 

1. Undesired/Unwarranted Critique
You should not give people critique if they don't ask for it. In ideal world this wouldn't present a problem. But we don't live in ideal world and we have to deal with strange human rituals like not being rude and others. I mentioned this in my last article, but this is really important. Think of it this way, why writing a critique for someone who is not interested in it. When you can instead write a critique for someone who intentionally reached out for help. 

2. This is not a critique.
"I don't like it."
"I hate it."
"It's bad." 
"Everything is wrong with this piece."
"It can be improved."
Sadly there are too many people posting this sort of "critique". If it's one sentence long and doesn't give you any meaningful feedback, it's not a proper critique.

"You need to learn more anatomy."
"It could've been done better" 
"There is something wrong with face."
"You need to practice more."
"You need to brush up how to draw human."
This more elaborate than last examples but still far from critique and still far from being useful. This are general statements, they are short and never talk about what is actually wrong with the piece. They don't tell you where the issue lays or what caused it or how to fix it. No useful advise what so ever.  

"Critique" like this won't help anyone. It will only make things worse by discouraging artists and making then feel bad about their art.

3. Listen to the artist. 
Listen to what the artist has to say about their work. Read the description. Find out what they already know is wrong, find out what they need help with in particular.

4. Explain what's wrong. 
If you find something wrong with the piece, explain it in detail. Say why is it wrong, what's the cause. Just saying what's wrong is often not enough. If you can you should also include some tips on how to improve their work.  

5. Grammar.
I know, I know. English is not our native language for most of us. Especially if you are not that great english speaker, you should take time to double check your grammar. Also things like proper word choices and word order may be decisive factor for proper understanding. Look my grammar is not perfect too, but I always make sure to check afterwards to avoid any misunderstanding.

Bottom line. If you write critique in order to help out, people will appreciate it a lot. On the other hand if you write "critique" in order to poop on someones work, you are just gonna get more poop in return.  
I recently noticed that there is a lot of confusion on DeviantArt concerning critiques, this is why I decided to write this article and maybe help some people out.

Why do we need Critiques?
When a lot of beginners start to draw they are usually afraid of receiving critique. And I think the main reason being, that they just don't care some random stranger saying "Wow, that really sucks". But there is lot more to critique, because what it really means, it's just getting help. Because this is what we are trying to accomplish here, we put our art out there for people to see, maybe getting feedback based on which we can improve on in future. You can definitely do self critique and learn on your own, but you don't have to be a lone wolf. We are here to help each other out.    

How not to request Critique.
Assuming you already know the importance of critiques. You decide you need a critique! But do you know how to ask for them? You upload your art, you write something like "Critique plz" in description aaaand no one answers. Have this ever happened to you?  Or let's say someone did answered and makes some points about your work. There are two really common answers to this a) "Oh, I already know that" b) "Thanks." And you never hear from them again. 

How to do it right. 
1. Say what you need help with. 
You can do this by asking questions. Why are my colors bad? Why is my perspective off? Give a person writing critique a place to start.
2. Say what you already know is wrong.
If something is unfinished and you know you need to fix it, don't waste someones time trying to explain it to you.
3. Ask if there is anything else that stands out. 
Maybe you missed out on something you didn't think looked weird at first, but it might look really weird to everyone else. 

How not to write a Critique / what's not a Critique.
There are a lot of people what don't know what critique is and they try to boil it down to something like: 
"I don't like it."
"I hate it."
"It's bad." 
"It can be improved."
Writing a "critique" like this is a waste of time.

Some people just make general statements that are not helpful at all.
"You need to learn more anatomy."
"It could've been done better"
Usefulness of this "critiques" is also below freezing point. They are short and never explain what in particular is wrong or how you should improve.

Not all Critique is valid. 
Some people may want to shift you into direction you don't wanna take. 
Some people might just be bad at giving critique. 
And sometimes critique may just boil down to personal taste.

Critique from "Bad Artist"
This is the point which I had hard time understanding. If someone is bad at art, that doesn't make them unable to give critique. They might not be able to come up with exact terms, but they will recognize if something is wrong.

Unwarranted/Unwanted Critique
This is what I would say is the golden rule. You should not give people critique if they don't ask for it. Think of it this way, why writing a critique for someone who is not interested in it. When you can instead write a critique for someone who intentionally reached out for help. 

If you found this article helpful or there is something you would like to add please leave a comment! Also feel free to share this post with your friends to spread the word.
It's been roughly one year since I started drawing 

This is my first ever drawing
Submitted on March 5, 2016 :

It was made in Autodesk SketchBook with my old Genius tablet. 

And this is my latest drawing
Submitted on March 26, 2017 :
Digital Drawing - Save me | Madoka Magica by Yersinia88

During the course of one year things have changed slightly, I'm now using MediBang Paint Pro for my drawings and new XP-Pen Artist10s tablet. 

So what do you guys think have I made any progress?

Also in one year my page was viewed over 30,000 times and have gained over 3,000 Watchers, when I started drawing I never though so many people would like what I do.
Thanks for all your support and feedback, I really appreciate it!   
Who knows what future holds for me and my art, I just know that I will continue to draw more and more and I'm now motivated more than I ever been before. Thanks to you, people who support me.
- Yersinia
Just a quick shout out to everyone who wishes to contact me. Please send me a Note, because comments section of my profile page is getting flooded with bullshit really fast, and I can't keep up with finding something meaningful in there. So notes are really a better way for more serious matters. We can also exchange fb or skype through note.  
Greetings everyone, 

As you can see things have changed slightly, for better at least I hope so. If some of you wondered why there is all of a sudden so much new stuff in here It's because I started adding drawings from another artist. Her name is Frederica and we cooperate really closely. She is not exactly the most tech-savvy person so I decided to share her work. All of her pieces are good old traditional drawings/paintings. I try to take the best pictures of them I possibly can. I think her work is absolutely worth checking out. And I think all of you will like it too because we have really similar tastes. Frederica will have her own folders in gallery so stuff won't mix. 

You can read more about Frederica and also look at more of her amazing art on our website. 
Art from…

We have plenty of new things coming up, so there is a lot to look forward to. 

And also thank you guys for all your support, It really means a lot to me. Thanks for all the Watches, favorites and also the comments, I read them all!
- Yersinia  
I'm kinda lost for words right now, you guys are absolutely incredible. I don't really have time to thank all you guys personally, but thank you all for your massive support. Also thanks to everyone who comments and favorite my works or give me llamas, I really appreciate it.

Also chack out our website I made: 
---> <---- 

You can like our humble FB page:
Wow, 1000 Pageviews, that's just amazing. Thanks everyone for your support!!!! 

My semester took off quiet a while ago, I will need to balance all my mental efforts as physics student with some creative activity, so expect MOAR stuff!